We have developed a sector-leading programme of exciting, cutting-edge innovation that accelerates the creation of next-generation energy systems and balances the targeted development and deployment of solutions demanded in our plan. 


We have identified six key areas of transformational capability where we believe that a step change in knowledge and expertise is required in the 2023-28 period. These include;


  1. Identify opportunities to accelerate the benefits of flexibility
  2. Develop sophisticated data management and analytics to inform energy system forecasting, planning and real-time decision making
  3. Enhance the connections process to facilitate higher volumes and different types of connection, including the addition of loads via existing connection points
  4. Increase the dependability of our customers’ electricity supply
  5. Remove barriers preventing access to the energy market for all customers including access to energy data; particularly those not currently engaged or informed, vulnerable or less advantaged
  6. Create capabilities to deliver a next-generation local energy network that links up whole system energy sources and vectors, balancing in real time


Further details on our approach to innovation can be found in annex 5.1 Innovation strategy.