Customer Value Propositions

We are proposing four consumer value propositions (CVPs) where we have identified robust benefits for our customers. 


Our CVPs form part of our overall plan to ensure we lead the drive to decarbonisation in our regions while making the transition as efficient and affordable as possible. These include;


CVP1. One stop app solution – a one-stop app solution to support vulnerable customers to provide a more accessible, faster and convenient route to contact us and access our services.

CVP2. Open insights self-service toolkit – enhanced functionality on top of our open data platform to unlock additional customer benefits including a set of free analytical tools to help process data and enhance self-service.

CVP3. Dynamic voltage optimisation for domestic energy efficiency – improved domestic energy efficiency through dynamic voltage optimisation to reduce customers’ bills and carbon emissions.

CVP4. Phase one roll-out of next-generation energy system – We will undertake first-stage deployment of the blueprint for a next-generation energy system, enhancing system resilience, particularly for remote customers.


Full details of our CVP proposals are set out in annex 1.5 Detail on our CVPs.