Plan costs


We are currently finalising the costs for our 2023-28 business plan so we can share how our network charges might impact a customer bill from your chosen electricity supplier.

These are indicative costs which have been developed following extensive consultation with a wide range of customers and other key stakeholders. The infographic below shows the potential impact of our proposals on your annual household electricity bill from 2023 onwards.

The £7 bill impact shown below to deliver our business plan will be offset by lower financing costs. For domestic customers this will mean on average that their current annual bill will reduce by £1 from £85 to £84.

Bill impact graphic
*The annual bill values above are based on information published in 2020/21.

We will continue to refine and update our costs as part of our ongoing engagement which will conclude in the coming months and they will be finalised in our fully costed draft plan which will be published in July 2021. Our final plan will be published in December 2021.

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