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We are proud to be the team that provides the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire with the electricity network that powers everyday life for more than eight million people across 3.9m homes and businesses.


We have published our business plan for the 5-year period from 2023 to 2028.


Our stakeholders have made it clear to us that supporting the transition to net zero emissions is the biggest and most important challenge. Our plan positions us to take a leading role in enabling decarbonisation in our region and support future uptake in low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps. Our network will be instrumental in efficiently facilitating this transition, sitting at the heart of a decentralised, low carbon energy system that enables customers to be increasingly flexible with their energy use.


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Our Plan
Scenarios & Investment
We will embrace and manage uncertainty to enable all credible pathways to decarbonisation by taking a flexibility-first approach and staying ahead of the decarbonisation curve through a blend of smart grid and Distribution System Operation (DSO) enablers, smart grid solutions, customer flexibility and targeted network reinforcement.
We are expanding our capabilities and taking on the functions of Distribution System Operation (DSO) to actively manage the increasingly complex power flows on our network that result from decarbonisation, reduce the need for conventional reinforcement, and ensure the transition to net zero is efficient and affordable.
Whole Systems
We will advance optimisation of the costs, functionality and performance of energy services for customers through widespread collaboration to improve the whole energy system. By embedding whole system approaches, we will help deliver a greener, lower-carbon electricity system at a lower cost for customers as we make more efficient use of existing assets.
Environmental Action Plan
We will proactively seek to protect the environment through our investments and operations, working collaboratively with partners and our supply chain to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that reduce or eliminate environmental risk exposure. In doing so we will minimise carbon emissions, pollution and waste and, where possible, seek to enhance the local environments in which we operate.
We will be energy industry leaders in safety, keeping our colleagues and members of the public safe so that they can return home safely at the end of the day. We will be proactive in assessing and mitigating emerging safety risks, collaborate with others and explore potential innovation and technologies that offer opportunities to make our network and operations safer.
Reliability & Availability
We will drive excellence in our front-line operations and have a network that is safe, resilient and reliable but also smart and flexible. Progressive use of network technology will allow us to manage an increasingly dynamic and complex low carbon energy landscape for our customers in real time.
Asset Resilience
Our network will fit the evolving needs of our region. The long-term condition and performance of our asset base will be efficiently managed so it is safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and resilient, maintaining a long-term view on capacity needs for decarbonisation pathways.
Climate Resilience
We will adapt our network and operations to build resilience against the effects of climate change, including working collaboratively and using innovation to develop new solutions to address the range of climate change pathways and consider wider system interdependencies.
Physical & Cyber Resilience
We will build on the extensive investments we have already made to protect your information and electricity supply, and to continually reduce the risks of existing and evolving threats.
We will deliver a cost-effective, efficient and personalised service for all our connections customers, with smarter, more flexible solutions that support the connection of low carbon technologies onto our network in support of the transition to net zero.
Customer Service
Our customers will experience a personalised, proactive service that provides choice in how and when they do business with us. Backed by the latest customer-facing systems and use of data, we will use our interactions with customers to support their journey to decarbonisation.
Vulnerable Customers
Vulnerable customers will be at the centre of our thinking. We will use data and strong partnerships to provide tailored services to vulnerable customers. We will support customers in fuel poverty and support a socially inclusive transition to net zero by minimising barriers to enter the energy market so that no one is left behind.
We will be a force for good in our communities we live in, leveraging our position in our region to make a positive contribution. This includes everything from running our network to creating a cleaner, greener energy system that everyone can benefit from.
Openness & Transparency
We will remain open and transparent in how we operate, earning the trust of our stakeholders through Distribution System Operation (DSO) in our region. We will report on the delivery of our commitments, open ourselves up to scrutiny and support new and existing markets by providing open data, taking a flexibility-first approach to network investment.
Delivering our plan